Pokémon No
pavan rajam

I think you’re better off viewing this game as if it was in beta version. There are still many features that could and will be added (trading, combat, PvP - to name a few) to create a more fulfilling gaming experience. Keep in mind this game has only been out for 6 days and hasn’t even been released worldwide yet.

Just last night — it was around 11pm, I was hanging out on the balcony with my roommates as we usually do. My friend opens up the game and sees that a gym close to our house is unclaimed. He exclaims, “Let’s go take it over, it’s just down the street!” Proceed to running out of the house, catching a few pokemon on our way. As we finish claiming the gym, my friend suggests, “Let’s check out this poke stop, it’s just down this way.” Walking down the street, capturing more pokemon as we go. “There’s a Kabuto around here!” — “Just got a Squirtle!” — “I just need one more Drowzee for a Hypno!” As we’re shouting out our new finds, we hear a couple of people running up behind us. “We saw you guys take over that gym and came to find you.” We’re now walking as a unit through our neighborhood, chatting about the game, the good, the bad and where we see it heading. I can’t think of any other platform where this experience could take place, and it was very enjoyable.

Instead of being superficial and bashing the current state of the game, think about the potential it has, not just for Pokemon , but for gaming innovation and culture. This game will spark inspiration, developers will be taking experiences from Pokemon Go, and implementing elements into new games. It’s one of the first games to successfully show the potential of AR within gaming.

Although it has it’s early game flaws, I see this game pioneering a way to innovative AR and real life exploration gaming. Very exciting!