Small Business expansion

Here is a break down of the interview by Internet Analyst Andrea Ferraz (which can be seen at )about outsourcing tech positions to help with small business growth.

“How Some Startups Reach Billion-Plus Valuations in 2 Years

The pace at which nascent tech companies are maturing has never been faster, says Internet Analyst Andrea Ferraz. What’s the key to their growth and scale?”

Instead of paying upfront tech costs which would have been expensive, they can outsource as the company goes and grows which means the amount of initial capital is less and allows the company to scale quickly;

examples of areas to outsource;

  • hosting
  • storage
  • payment services

In addition software programming, web design, website maintenance, graphic design can all be outsource to freelancers. Once the company scales to a global level more permanent team members can be recruited when necessary.

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