Incorrect Correlations

Why is a a healthy debate frequently called an argument? Why do we make it obvious that opposite points of view are breeding animosity between our peers?

Why don’t we disconnect from our egos when making decisions?

Why does having integrity for something, and having the courage speak to speak up for yourself viewed as “confrontational”?

When we see people debating, why do we shut off our mind and watch, waiting to see which way the wind will blow before backing a side? Why back any side at all?

Why do people get uncomfortable in debates? Our skin starts to itch, our palms get sweaty. Where is the courage to speak up and get your own point of view out there?

How did we let our conversations get to this point? We’re robbing ourselves of the future.

And it shouldn’t be that way. You should not allow it to be that way. Being able to discuss our opinions, and coming to a comprehensive final thought is a gift. One solely in possession of human kind. Avoid group think, and “riding” the wave of tribal politics like the plague.

Your brand and image are always under a microscope. What you do builds your peers perceptions of you. When you support a notion you disagree with just because a person of “power” supports it, you may not tarnish your brand externally if it happens to win, but you damage your brand internally.

Frankly, you rob society of advancement and innovation when you hold yourself back from sharing your opinions in a debate.

What do you know that other people don’t? How will you ever find out if you don’t share your opinions in the first place?

That one notion you have could start a train of thought that creates a major breakthrough. How dare you keep that to yourself! You should be ashamed.

Be a lion, let the fire inside of you roar. Your soul should always be screaming for answers, and siding with the flowing stream of society only dampers that flame. Ask questions, find answers, find the truth.

Be contrarian, be knowledgeable.

Courage isn’t necessary in life, but it is necessary if you want to live life.

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