There is nothing more fascinatingly scary than a blank page. A front of unlimited potential, but also limitless doubt.

Will I ever be able to fill this page? Where will the magical idea come from that’ll take me from no words to a thousand?

I was going to make this a long post about how important it is to stop trying to fill a page and to start trying to empty your mind, clear out all the stress and clutter, leaving behind, well, the good stuff.

Instead, let me leave this as more of a placeholder. A call to action.

Do you have a page that you’ve yet to fill? A project you’ve yet to start or a mission you’ve yet to complete?

Take a step back, drop all the nonsense and get the job done.



Jordan Ebert

A guy with a laptop and a stable internet connection. Student of Engineering, Player of FIFA. I make stuff to see what happens. Find me on YouTube