Taking the leap of faith at 21, facing the world, my failures, but most importantly myself.

A story about the journey, the doubts triumphs, the crying moments, and how I’m slowly figuring it out.

It is March 16, 2017. It’s 1:03 am.

I know my destination, but I’m just not there.. YET.

The road to get to where I want to is hard and long, but it’s day’s like this that remind me to be strong and continue to fight through the daily struggles and mountains I have to climb.

I have just failed at what could be possibly a very self-fulfilling objective that will dictate the course of the next year for me and that is very scary.

Before I delve into that, I want to provide some background and hindsight about both myself, what specifically I’m talking about, and what I’m working on.

This will be the beginning of what I know will be a beautiful journey which I hope to share with you all and it is also for myself to keep a sort of public tab and accountability of myself about all of the things I’m doing.

It is both therapeutic, but it is also for those that are in the same situation as myself, and that just maybe sharing my story can help others in finding comfort in hearing someone. I’ve been journaling for what has been 2 years, but I feel it’s time to start something on line. I hope to God (if there’s one) that I don’t lose my journals, but hopefully medium lasts forever.

This journey starts with a drive a purpose driven by something much larger than myself. Wanting to excel. It goes back to High School where I was taking 6 AP and College Credit classes while also playing soccer both for Club and varsity.

Excellence was the bare minimum, it was what everyone around me was doing and was expected.

I knew what I wanted to do in life, but College wise, I had not been instructed or really saw what was best for me. In the end I ended up with all A’s except in one class. AP Physics C. A move from that class would have been the wisest thing. I will touch on an overarching theme that I’m trying right now and that is getting mentorship and guidance. Had I known at this time the consequences this would have for myself later on in life (like Right now) I would’n’t have taken it. Mentorship, Guidance, and Help.

Regardless, I ended up going to Edison State college on whim, because I was afraid of not attending college and saw everyone around me going off to college. (Again, a theme that will showcase itself throughout this piece). Not following the norm, Going your own route.

Education, something I will touch on another post is a tricky subject. Getting an education is the hardest thing one can do in life. It is more than just a class, and knowledge, but community and network. That is what College is, growing your network.

With that I made the move to Miami.

Florida International University provided a new breath of fresh air. It was a new experience and the College Experience we all seek. In my first year of August 2014, I learned so much about myself. It was the first time that I lived by myself and blah blah blah.

But, I always wanted more. Opportunities at FIU, were not the best, the network was not the best, students weren’t working on cool projects or initiatives. At this time, I felt that another change was needed. I wanted to go to UPENN, so I applied. I was frustrated that I knew I wasn’t in an environment that pushed me to be my best. It is rather sad, when most of your peers are just thinking about what they’re going to do on the weekend.

At this time, I was bouncing the idea of exploring and discovering that inner drive I have for traveling. I also wanted to have an internship, the summer internship didn’t play out, so I packed everything in the trunk of my car and went up north in the summer of July ‘15.

The journey took me across 33 states in the time period of 4 months, ended up living in Hawaii for a month and another month in Colombia to close of 2015.

Back to Miami and Florida to begin the year in 2016. Got back to school enrolled in part time, and focused on other initiatives and projects. Didn’t apply to any other schools to transfer to. The time passed the semester ended, projects failed or people left me, and I was in the same place I was in 2015. No plans, no opportunities. I felt stuck, but out of nowhere a positioned I applied in February would be the best thing. I joined Citigroup for the reminder of the year working on several projects, and finally getting the Big internship. I tried doing a lot of doings during this time, like launching a coding academy in Colombia, starting projects such as Gen-y, community projects, and much more. The time was awesome and it passed by so quick. In this time, I discovered Yoga, Action Club, and many other great things.(I miss my Citi Days).

At the beginning of the year, I traveled to Philly, NYC, DC, NJ to get some inspiration to begin this new year with a bang.

On December 30, 2016. I decided to take the ever so famous leap of faith.

I Edison Espinosa at 21, made the decision to not work for anyone or study anymore and focus on projects.

Now this part is what I will share more with you guys the journey to IPO and how we will change the world, but for now I will share the struggles an entrepreneur has when going out on his own.

These 2 months and a half, have been of discovery as well. More or so internally than anything else.

I have dedicated more time to focus on my mind, body, and soul. Practicing Yoga each day of the week and enjoying a little bit of life.

Today, I have made a decision of not attending school for another year, I will continue on this journey of entrepreneurship, launching companies, working on issues for Miami, and practicing Yoga, reading books and more.

It’s tough when you know society is telling you which way to go, but you’re going against everything that you’re hearing and that is the story I will share..

It’s 3:23 am and I signed up to do Yoga real early at 7, so I will continue writing.

Bare with me folks, this will be like reading what Steve Jobs, was doing before Apple, or what Elon was thinking before moving to Silicon Valley.

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