Was this the longest day ever?

I woke up.. Wait I didn’t go to sleep. I was laying down to go to bed at 1 am when I heard a know on my bedroom door. So that’s when my day started. I got up and my friend Dalton was doubled over in stomach pain. Long story short, we went to the hospital and got him medicine for his kidney stone. We got back to camp at 6:30 and I went to bed right away.

The rest of my day consisted of strictly eating, sleeping, and playing worship music. This was our first full day with the kids at the camp but after being up all night, they understood that me and Dalton were exhausted.

Pro tip:

Daytime naps are the most refreshing thing on this earth besides showers.

As the day got later we spent more time with the kids and got to watch all of them smash eggs on their heads. They said something about egg roulette, but I was less interested in getting a raw egg crushed on my head so I filmed some of it.

As I’m writing this, I am falling asleep so I will continue this series tomorrow.

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