New Year New Me Is Valid- Stop Bringing People Down!

Jan 2, 2017 · 2 min read

After you ring in the New Year there comes the inevitable influx of ‘New Year new me’ statuses and list after list of people’s new year goals. It happens every year. Yes, it can get annoying reading the same status as you scroll down your feed- I get that (but if that’s all that bothers you about it, log out for a day). What I don’t understand though, is why an earth do people think that having the intention of bettering yourself is something to be mocked or trivialised?

No, the majority of the people who post about becoming a new person in the new year may not actually make any changes, but that doesn’t mean the intention wasn’t there. To the people who mock people for wanting to be better I say: I don’t think it’s those who deserve the ridicule.

A new year is an exciting time. Yes, technically it’s just another day and it’s us as a society who have labelled days and months and years. But, because of these labels, a new year has become a symbol of hope and optimism. It has become a time which everyone looks forward to and it’s a time for people to be something else- to be someone else. For most it’s a clean slate; whilst the past is still there, the future isn’t and, at the start of a brand new year, it seems like a blank canvas is spread out in front of them.

For some, this can bring relief that they can metaphorically leave the person they once were behind and be different. They can be thinner, be nicer, be more successful. They can be more selfless- or selfish if that’s who they want to become.

New year, new me is a completely valid statement. Wanting to make a change at a time designated for such behaviour is a good thing. Mocking someone for trying to better themselves is not.


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