Face Language Understood

Face gives away a lot of information. And these information have a value. In April 2015 Emotion ID has conducted a public emotion tracking. Check out what we have found in the emotion curves.

So, what has been tested? These 5 ads below, numbered according to their ability to generate smiles from 1.= the strongest smile generator to 5. = the weakest smile generator.

  1. Telefónica O2 — “Ked má otec..”
  2. Intesa Sanpaolo Bank VÚB — “Lepici vs. Polnisová”
  3. Electricity provider SPP — “Chata”
  4. Heineken Beer Zlatý Bažant — “Na Zdravie, Slovensko!”
  5. Health Insurance Dôvera — “Bezpecné lieky online”

‘x’ axis represents the time in video and ‘y’ axis represents the intensity of emotion — that means, how well all faces resembled a prototypical happy face.

If you have seen these Ads, it is very unlikely that they did not elicit any emotion in you. All healthy individuals show emotions, no matter how old they are or where they were born or how they were brought up — it is a potential that has been inherited and thus is created in the course of natural selection. Emotions have evolved because they have a reason to exist. As Darwin is demonstrating in his book The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, 1872 emotions evolved to serve survival purposes.

What is more important is the purpose they serve and in general we can say, that Emotions are short-cuts in our decision making, help us understand the situation, create an emotional fingerprint on a memory and help us to act quickly.

In the marketing world of today, understanding the emotional reactions of your audience can save you some media budgets and sour faces on internal meetings. So, what emotion phenomena have been seen in our tested Ads?

7 and enough!

Dôvera Ad (and in a smaller extend also Zlatý Bažant Ad) suffered from a “wear out” effect: The more exposure, the less emotions. After 7 ad views a person basically did not show any other expression than neutral.

Positive branded message

The most positive moment from the tested Ads is the plot peak of Telefónica O2's “Keď má otec, tak má celá rodina” (“When dad has, the whole family has.”). What is interesting here is the branded moment at the end of the Ad “Objavujte férový svet” (“Discover the fair world”) which is a long-term brand promise of this Telco provider. The promise of fair play helped Telefónica O2 to make a breakthrough in 2008 and is the most pronounced ingredient of this brand until today.

It is not only about smiles

The role of advertising is NOT to make people laugh. Not for ALL BRANDS and not ALL THE TIME. We cannot all be Jesters. There are many emotions that are just more appropriate for certain messages and will make just as good service as a good laugh. Don’t be afraid of the emotions of your audience. The worst is to create none.

The challenge for brands and media agencies is to stop feeding their audience with neutral commercials. If there is no emotion generated, the brand proposition has to be “stuffed” into people’s minds with more media exposure. And that is not fun for anybody.

Find more about emotion tracking www.emotionid.eu.

by Mária Gablíková

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