Use Podcasting to Build Your Personal Brand

Ever Gonzalez
Oct 20, 2015 · 3 min read

Twenty-five years ago, building a brand required a storefront and a hundred fliers, and not much else. Needless to say, the business world has changed drastically since then. It’s 2015, after all, and that means entrepreneurs must embrace the digital era if they want a shot at success. Consumers feel they have the right to access information on their terms, which is precisely why the modern entrepreneur can no longer do without the podcast — especially when it comes to building his or her brand.

Interviewing Jernmaine Dupri at the Celebrate2015 Conference in Las Vegas

Consumers love podcasts because they can listen to them anywhere they’d like, and at any time. Commuting to work? Listen to a podcast. Halfway through a long flight? Consumers will likely scroll through their favorite podcasts to pass the time. Podcasting lets entrepreneurs distribute information via audio and video files, offering consumers a more personalized connection to brands than in the past. Listeners can download the files they want off the internet, store them on a device of their choosing and listen to the podcasts as they wish.

For budding entrepreneurs, podcasts boost business by giving consumers a sense of the face — or faces — behind the brand, offering them a greater understanding of what they wish to accomplish with their business. All entrepreneurs have to do is incorporate podcasts to their website or blog — they won’t regret it once consumers start downloading content in abundance.

This, of course, can only be effective if entrepreneurs craft content with their target audience in mind. Successful businesspeople are willing and able to put themselves in their consumers’ shoes, and the same goes for successful podcasting. Since podcast listeners tend to have shorter attention spans than a live audience, entrepreneurs must go out of their way to engage with their consumers.

Podcasts should tell stories rather than sound like you’ve got something to sell. Consumers, after all, understand the difference between advertising and behind-the-scenes access to your brand — and frankly, the desperation of excessive self-promotion is off-putting. Entrepreneurs often explore the culture surrounding a product or service rather than the product or service itself. Doing so will make your content all the more valuable to podcast listeners.

Entrepreneurs, remember this — you’ll have to market your podcasts like crazy in order to engage listeners. Encourage your consumers to subscribe to your podcasts on your blog, or consider giving them the option to do so in your next newsletter. Post links to your podcast on your website, too, to show consumers just how easy it is to tune into your brand.

Good luck and happy podcasting.

Ever Gonzalez

Outlier | CEO



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