Filipe Monteiro of Connecticut: Masonry Construction

Filipe Monteiro of Connecticut in the owner of a building company that provides masonry services for the tristate area. Originally from Portugal, he is the owner of Monteiro’s Masonry Construction LLC.

After an active and physical childhood in Portugal, Monteiro came to the United States. By the time he reached his early twenties, he knew he wanted to start his own company. First, Filipe Monteiro went to work at a job in a related field and began to learn the language. “I decided to study and learn English as much as I could.”

After achieving a strong background in building and masonry, Monteiro opened his own company. Today, he works with a number of clients using materials such as marble, travertine, limestone, cast stone, concrete block, glass block and cob. Monteiro’s company always cleans construction sites to avoid hazard areas and can help with the transportation of materials, tools and machines to job sites.

For residential or commercial properties, Monteiro’s Masonry Construction can help with construction, demolition, blueprint reading, machinery operations and stonework. Filipe Monteiro of Connecticut lives in Milford with his lovely dog Brooklyn.