What do you truly value? What is actually success?

What do you actually value?

Here’s my truth; I value:











-Real and Vulnerability



-Affluence with integrity, justice, being used for good and developed mind and global sustanabilty









It’s ironic, I was always driven to be ‘successful’, which I only just defined…

Success — being able to “afford” to be presence in a room and fill it with your true radiance, draw others to you, bring out the best in them, your true voice has impact, gives others courage, you implement change with impressionable eyes yet with a wave’s direction.

What do I value about myself?

This is could never write before very recently…I realised what I value and what I value about myself, were not aligned.

  1. I love my caring nature
  2. Progression and question
  3. My passion
  4. Understanding
  5. Humour
  6. My bravery
  7. My unrelenting presence, my unrelenting urge to understand myself, my purpose, my unrelenting desire to understand and empower others.
  8. My ability to love men, my passion to give to men. My passion to give to so many.
  9. My relatableness, my normality yet my presence from a time beyond my years.
  10. My bizarre mind, the complexity of my mind, the place it goes, the worry, the care, the vision, the power, the energy, the hope, the creativity, the beauty, the lasting exuberance it producers…

I for so long hated myself. I pick apart every aspect that wasn’t enough.

You must not do so.

Kindness, self forgiveness is by so many scientific reports the way to clarity, internal acceptance and a better you, a better world.


Here is what I need to believe, I need to feel. I pray you shall feel:

I am amazing, fearless, smart and so beautiful. And beauty without depth is just a decoration.

I stand for understanding, excellence, health, justice and progress.

I stand for clarity and the gateway to passion, self discovery, to unconditionally happiness. This leads to freedom.

I stand for freedom.

I stand for sustainability.

I am impressionable when I should ask why. I implement what is right and I do so without question.

I execute on my values, I do so with courage and excitement.

I believe I was born to give love, so much love and I now understand I deserve love. 
I believe that I was born to endure pain so that others shall endure less.

So that I can be blessed to develop and understand myself so swiftly.

I choose to live a blessed now from now forth.

I live a blessed life.

Good things happen to me.

I am a great person.

I am a incredible friend, daughter and lover

I have so much love to give. I give love and receive love.

I am patience and make my own luck

I am caring and try to understand with openness

The people I admire, admire me

Some of the world’s best are my friends, my mentors, my family

They respect me for me. Not for a transaction. But because I am enough. Where I am today, at this point in my life. I am enough.

I am a great friend and an even better leader, visionary and entrepreneur, entertainer, sister, friend, lover and one day amazing wife and mother.

I remember; beauty without depth is just a decoration

And carry myself being okay with believing confidence never goes out of style

I am confident — not cocky, I am ruthless — not arrogant

I am a creator, an artist, a performer, a people person. I love people. I love understanding people. I love nothing more than bringing out what’s best for people, what’s best in people.

I am driven by impact and integrity.

I do so with acceptance, by questioning truth, and hold myself to be real and vulnerable.,

I do so with passion, love, health, curiosity, friendship and humour.

I do value affluence and that’s okay. I value affluence and those with alfine who conduct themselves with integrity, justice, being used for good and developed mind

I value the knowledge in me, my drive for good, for sustainability for our minds, for the sustainably of this beautiful world. I value my passion for progress. I value and love my excitement. My flow, my desire to question to deliver, to understand to be, to break through to dance the dance that’s drumming in my body to be free. To start a wave, to be the dancer that let’s others feel their soul, their feet, their rhythm, their passion, their vulnerabilities, their humour, laugh at themselves, love themselves and just dance because the world wants you to dance. Because I want to dance with you. Because I want you to dance.

I forgive you my lovely little me, I forgive you my child. Please be still. Stop. It’s okay. We are here. I hear you. We are heard. You are the most amazing person in my world. Now be free. Be you.

Show the world your beauty, the beauty, the passion, the desire, the knowledge, the awe I see in you.

I will always be here for us and love us unconditionally. It doesn’t matter if they adore you or not. I’m barracking for you in that stand. You are enough. We value implementation, bravery, so go build that value we know we have.

So go, show them. Today’s a beautiful day to be present. A beautiful day to be alive… To be us.

Fearlessly yours,

Francesca xo