Porting .lazr. — Episode one and final

Actually, you know what? Fuck it.

I’ve always abhorred sequels. Creativity dies when you try to make lightning strike twice. Doing something again isn’t creativity, it’s an office job. I don’t do office jobs, they make me sad and I don’t like being sad. I just spent a year doing an office job, waiting to finally get out of it so I could take care of my mental health and finally get back to making cool stuff. Then .lazr. got greenlit and I took on the office job of actually making it a worthwhile thing to put on Steam.

Fuck that

I fucking made .lazr. THREE YEARS AGO! Am I really going to continue on as the person who made .lazr. and nothing else?

I made .lazr. at a time where I had people around me who were enthusiastic about games, I had plenty opportunities to break out controllers and get people playing. It was fun, it was an exciting project made in a context that made sense. The context is gone and the project isn’t fun any more.

Oh, and what the fuck am I thinking by “making it better”? There’s so much wrong with that idea that it’s so stupid I managed to convince myself and everyone around me that it’s actually a good idea.

.lazr. is a super-minimalistic shooter. That’s the only thing it has going for it, the rest is aesthetics, and I can slap cool shaders and visuals on any project that I make, including the fun ones.

But to make it better, I’m considering making it playable online. I just spent the past few days trying to figure out how to make such a precise and fast-paced game play well over a network, why? Because it’ll make the game sell better. Is that what I’m reduced to? Stressing out over shit I don’t care about on the off-chance in might pull in a few extra sales? Is that why I got into games in the first place? (Please don’t tell me local multiplayer is worthwhile because Nintendo and Towerfall can do it; one is a massive media empire and the other is an exception to the rule. I love local multiplayer, but let’s be honest with ourselves, it doesn’t sell)

Oh, and also more bonuses, weapons and game modes, because you can’t command a worthwhile sales price unless you have “content”. In a minimalistic game. Am I an idiot?

So here’s what’s going to happen. We’re going to stop being complete idiots about this. There are two versions of .lazr.: The buggy, broken one that isn’t available any more. And there’s the one that got greenlit that isn’t going to happen because I value my mental health and new projects more than I value the tiny income I might be able to generate with it.

.lazr. is dead, long live .lazr.

For it will live on, but not as a game; it will live on a lesson to myself: There are projects that are fun to do, and you should do those. That’s how .lazr. was made in the first place.

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