Hackathons — View Local and Global Hackathons (Media Kit)

Apr 8, 2016 · Unlisted

Imagine yourself looking for a hackathon event to partake in. Sure you can lookup hackathon events online, but there aren’t many solutions on mobile devices — devices we use, and carry around with us everyday. In fact, you can search “Hackathons” on the Apple app store and find multiple listings of apps concerning individual hackathon events, but why bother downloading every organizations event app? You’d have to download one from so-and-so university or so-and-so non-profit organization. This, as you can tell, can turn into a daunting situation especially since you most likely want a comprehensive list of various events from various event hosts. You wouldn’t want to download 15+ apps would you?

Exactly. That’s where the Hackathons app comes in.

Need to find a local hackathon event? Look no further.

Hackathons is an app that allows you to view upcoming hackathons around your area. Think of it as the “tripadvisor” for hackathon events. With Hackathons, you can view upcoming events in an organized manner. The app organizes events into three categories: weekly, monthly, and yearly events. With a tap of a button you can view events happening this week or in the near future.

Did you say you wanted to travel abroad? I got you covered.

With Hackathons, finding events from around the world is a piece of cake. With a tap of a button and provided details regarding your destination, you can find the hackathon at the location you desire to go to.

Saving events to your calendar, getting locations to an event, and finding information about an event just got easier.

With the help of the Hackathons app, you can add events to your calendar, check when an event begins (and ends), check to see if an event is free or not, register for a particular event, and get location information as well as a description of what to expect from partaking in the event.

All of this for one hefty sum of $0.00

Launch Details

Who Made It?

My name is Guled. I am a self-taught web designer, web developer, and mobile developer. I have grown a passion for creating small and large scale applications that are useful, beautiful, and functional. The various categories of projects I’ve worked on include games, productivity apps, and interactive peer-to-peer web applications. My current endeavor includes creating apps for the betterment of students from middle school to students embarking a PhD degree. I am currently a student at State Cloud State University, and during my free time a developer with a willingness to acquire new skills.

Press Kit

Follow this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ghm5ofhqoh8qnbd/AAAZQXMzI56JsW5vPj_9T3HOa?dl=0



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Mobile App Developer - Front End Developer - Innovator - Founder of @Somnibyte , @_Studious_ and @_devstash_

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