I Am A Nobody

“The king is only good when he is the last person who wants the job. A king who seeks power is a bad king”

I have been seeing how much greed and being selfish people nowadays. The amount of scammers or to be specific impersonators of “me” have been endless just in order to leech plebs. It does not matter who I am in the end, I will be disappointed if you just joined because of who I am instead of the purpose, I do not need to prove anything and you are free to join or leave or make assumptions. I will not use power.

The amount of “fair” launches have never been fair and they do have techniques to hide their true motives which is leeching and gaining money for their selves only such as transferring part of supply indirectly, having a tax then run away, taking part of liquidity in their pockets after a “fair” presale on platforms like “Copper Launch” and many more endless ways of leeching or scamming. Even old projects that I trusted others and gave them the keys to the kingdom to lead to the true vision of decentralization have been disappointing but not all of them of course because some are innocents. However, some even dared to call “me” a scammer while I said before I am not in charge of anything or ceo, even you will see soon fights publicly or not among the old experiment among each other to climb up in the “kingdom” and have more power. I do promise the mistake will not be repeated.

Look at https://etherscan.io/txs?a=0xb8f226ddb7bc672e27dffb67e4adabfa8c0dfa08&f=2 and the amount of money laundering that happened over there. It is created by Shiba deployer and you know the rest of the story of Kuma. I am glad part of the community has exposed what is happening within their token and proud to see the plebs carried over the project and still running it and being creative.

Another example, check the Testnets and you would see “for shadowing” indirectly launching another tokens that have been launched later and rugged completely. Also, using blockscan chat to message old “ogs” engaged wallets to fund other wallet then create projects in exchange they get free tokens or a percentage of supply. I have seen projects being “based” creating fake videos of owning a social media to impersonate “me” and everyone knows behind their souls as long as it is making money then no one would care and just continue with the lie. The idea is scammers are being over creative and always plebs fall for it, but “Why don’t you call them out directly with using your power?” Because I am a person who do not like having power, I am not important, it will hurt innocent plebs who fell for it while the “based” dev run away or made money already.

“Also, greed can lead to blindness. Please look into your soul.”

Again, I do believe a decentralized corporations and communities can accomplish better things than centralized corporations. Now, let us start a new experiment with a different method from the old experiment. Thanks again my fren for helping to launch it.

A new beginning


A blind biwa hoshi with no ears who sings about Dan no Ura, the souls that have been lost from the war. In the same concept, Hoichi is singing about innocent souls who fell in scams and larps and victims of old experiment that got leeched, Hoichi dream is to build towards decentralization with those innocent souls.

  • Supply: 369369369369
  • Tax: 1% Buy (Auto LP burn) 2% Sell (1% funding wallet, 1% auto LP burn)

Different mechanics compared to the old experiment, Tax of liquidity help the liquidity pool grows and making sure it is healthy for long term and liquid in decentralized exchange rather than centralized exchanges. Tax of funding wallet in $ETH (part of it will go to liquidity too automatically and this method is healthier than collecting native token if you zoom out) to make sure nothing will be dumped on plebs later and will be used for the community not for “me”, whoever wants to build something for Hoichi (NFT market place, A dex, metaverse, NFTs, blockchain, etc..) can reach me by email or twitter. Any decision will be done by voting on Snapshot platform (I will release link of it later on twitter) because community decides not the master, later on a DAO will be created and make all decisions over there rather than Snapshot after community accepts the proposal. At early stages the funding wallet I will have access to it to make sure whales are not playing with the votes then run away with funds that the community decided to accept funding, all I can say you need to trust me and I am being transparent, at later stages a Dapp will be created for DAO (if community accepted to allow me to use part of funds in funding wallet) and finally all process will be automatic meaning I will not have access to funding wallet anymore or anyone and treasury is fully controlled by community (when it is time to create the DAO then I will explain all mechanisms of how it will work and everything). Remember, I am part of the community meaning I am equal to everyone who walks in the same path of mine in this new journey and you are responsible. If I ever wanted to create something even though I prefer others to do that, it will go through the DAO or voting on Snapshot.

  • Liquidity burned

Initial liquidity and any liquidity added manually later will be burned and auto LP from taxes will be burned automatically. It will be starting low liquidity just like old experiment to make sure to share bread among plebs and building it slowly with community rather than whales who will dump when they see fat liquidity. Also, community can decide to do buy backs from using the funding wallet.

1% of the supply will be held by me in one wallet (not allowed to be used in DAO) and will not be sold until after two years minimum, if the community feels unsafe and voted to not have them then I will be glad to do whatever the community wants with these tokens.

If you see history it got deployed multiple times because an error has been found or to test behavior of snipers or bots or functions forgotten to be added.

Keep in mind, the utility of this project is YOU, be free frens.


Temporarily telegram group: https://t.me/HoichiToken

Twitter: Hoichitoken

Website: Will be created soon.

Contract Address: 0xc4ee0aa2d993ca7c9263ecfa26c6f7e13009d2b6

1 — Centralized exchanges: I will not be pushing towards any because I believe they hurt more than what they benefit but community is free to pay for them or push for them and CEXs are free to list $Hoichi or join our journey.

2 — Marketing: Word of mouth works and it is free. Also, community can create proposals if they want.

Love always, A nobody.



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