I hope I die a coward. I hope the cold grip of Death fills me with trepidation, that when I see my time has come the fear of leaving this world will make my exit unbearable.

I hope my death does not warrant glorious ascension into Valhalla wrapped in the arms of a Valkyrie as reward for my courage. I do not want to embrace my death in the manner warriors do, devoid of any attachment to the world around them.I want to have so much love here on Earth that the idea of Heaven would be that much less sweet.

I want to look at my life in total and unhindered pleasure, to embrace my memories of times good and not. I want to look back at regrets and be happy I have them because I would know that even though opportunities were missed, I made enough good decisions to balance the scale.

I want to look in the eyes of the one I love right before I die, to know that no odes or eulogies or dedication could ever amount to the love I would see staring back at me.

I want to die a coward. At peace with the life I lived and genuinely afraid that Heaven would not amount to the love I’d feel on Earth, because to me that is the only death worth dying.

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