Sitting on my couch watching ESPN First Take on a Tuesday morning, like I would usually do since I did not have work that day. My roommate leans over and begins to tell me about a girl he just met that lives a few hours away. Showing me pictures and reading off messages, the whole nine. So we proceed to watch our shows and play video games. What we thought was an annoying girl that no one had met, turned out to she had just lived through one of the most tragic and The deadliest mass shooting in Oregon’s modern history. She began to explain the shooting through text messages. Messages such as, “HE WAS SO CLOSE!!”, and “I’m freaking out because I haven’t heard from my friends 😢😔” really began to put into perceptive just what was taking place that morning in Oregon. The #UCCShooting recorded 9 fatalities on October 1st, which shocked millions worldwide. Only being down the road at Southern Oregon University, I began to receive messages and phone calls from friends and family frightened because they couldn’t remember which Oregon school I attended. Reminding those in my household just how precious life is, and for whomever experienced the #UCCShooting in any form please stay strong and spread your stories. #PrayForRoseburg