Speak your Mind, wait.. Slow down you should stop!

Tonight’s debate might have taken a turn for the worst. The witty candidate Bobbie Newport might be involved in a nightly spin class, the way he turned opponents negative comments towards him against themselves.

There are five total candidates in this years race. But the two front runners have gotten a great jump out the blocks. Big spender and business man Bobbie Newport. Versus the enthusiastic, hometown hero to be Leslie Knope.

Knope came out of the gates firing shots at Newport’s attitude that he can “buy” the votes of the people. While Leslie wants the people of Pawnee to be reassured, Knope is the candidate who has put in the most work for her city.

I have no idea how to fix this town, I was hoping you would tell me.

Can you believe this was Bobbie Newport’s closing statement at Tonight’s debate, talk about sticking your foot in your mouth. Leslie Knope took full advantage of Bobbies lack of focus at the end of Tonight’s event.

If I push too hard it’s because things aren’t moving fast enough, if I come on strong it’s because I’m passionate.

Strong words from Leslie Knope to close out tonight’s event. Knope reached out a hand to the audience throughout tonights debate. A candidate who is a strong believer in community and the benefits of “Rolling up your sleeves and doing the dirty work yourself”, one of they many key points stated by Knope this evening.

People of Pawnee the choice is yours and remember kids always say Knope to Newport.