There’s always one!

Have you ever noticed, no matter how good your intentions are, there’s always that one person who has to swoop in and rain on your parade or as the Brits would say, piss on your bonfire? Just completely take the wind out of your sails when you’re feeling excited about something? The one person who has to point out the flaw, the failure, the reason why something won’t work or isn’t perfect?

Over the last year or so, I’ve noticed an increase in the number of people who are so quick to point out the negative in any situation. I’m going to put a bit of the blame on social media, providing anybody and everybody an outlet to project their negativity out to the rest of the world more readily than ever before, but this should still come with some level of self-censorship. My opinion is that just because you’re a ‘Negative Nelly’, doesn’t mean you have the right to attack or bring others down because you feel compelled to ‘set the record straight!’

Normally I’m one to just let things go on the notion that you can’t please everybody, however lately this has become glaringly more obvious to me, but in a very negative way. It’s brought me down and once again made me feel exasperated by the closed-mindedness and general negativity we’ve contrived today.

For anyone who follows me or my Marketing team at DeepCrawl, you may have seen that over the last few months we’ve taken a stance to not just promote Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, but to bake them into our culture and everything we do and stand for as a brand. This is something I am personally passionate about and given all of the negativity lately, giving back and doing some good for others is exactly what humankind needs right now. I’m fortunate enough to have an amazing team of colleagues at DeepCrawl who also feel this way and as a result, we’ve made it our goal to place emphasis on corporate social responsibility campaigns within our marketing strategy and dedicate budget to these campaigns in 2019.

We recently launched our second CSR campaign, Go Red in Feb, in collaboration with Go Red for Women & the American Heart Association as February is National Women’s Heart Health Month. The aim is to help educate women on the signs of heart disease and raise money to support Go Red for Women in their quest to reduce the number of deaths in women by 20% by the year 2020. (Stat: One in three women lose their life to heart disease in the US, that equates to over 500,000 women each year.)

We launched this campaign on Valentines Day, February 14th and to date has reached over 100,000 people, raising roughly $5,000 for charity within 24 hours, and there’s still another 4 days to go. Most people who have seen the campaign, have come back with exuberant and positive responses, complimenting us on the campaign and the good work we are trying to do, however in true fashion, there was one!

One person who decided that this campaign sickened him as he found it to be sexist and neglected to address the issues of Men’s heart disease given that more men suffer from heart disease than women. This particular gentleman even went as far as to take the time to research stats and send screenshots substantiating the fact that more men suffer than women from heart disease. Now as he is absolutely correct with his facts, the reason Go Red for Women exists, is because the signs of heart disease are completely different in women than in men and hence have gone undetected for so long. The initiative is community-based, allowing women to seek help, support and guidance from their peers, while educating one another on how to detect and prevent heart disease. (Something our unnamed gentleman would probably have realized had he clicked through my email to the website provided.)

For reference, exhibit A, said gentleman’s email:

(** Sidenote, can someone please help me understand, how trying to help save peoples’ lives is sickening? I’m thoroughly perplexed!)

Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, right? But it reminded me of the ONE single person who also had an issue with our Christmas corporate social responsibility campaign back in December. The campaign where we donated 5% of all new DeepCrawl accounts and account upgrades to All Dogs Matter, a rescue and rehoming charity based in London but doing work on a global scale (for the love of god, have you no soul as to oppose a campaign about helping dogs find their forever homes?).

These are just two instances that I’ve had to address over the last few months as Marketing Director at DeepCrawl and both have left me thinking, ‘You’ve COMPLETELY missed the point!’ This is about doing some social good with the platform we’ve been given, ensuring that we are giving back to both our industry community but the local community we live and work within. How have we as a society gotten to such a level of negativity and pessimism that we feel compelled to ridicule and tear apart the good work others are trying to do. It’s not about the charity we chose, the way in which we’ve gone about the campaign, the initiative we’ve chosen to support, it’s about the fact that we are doing something positive which is more than what I can say for the ones who have bashed and slammed my campaigns.

You might not be passionate about the same things we are or agree with the charities we chose to support, but you should at least respect the fact that we are trying to do some good in this world to help support those in need.

So to ‘THE ONE’ — take a hard look in the mirror and ask yourself, what good have you done for society lately before you decide to attack the good work someone else is doing, just because you don’t agree with it. Maybe getting involved and doing some charity work would do you a bit of good and soften your heart to allow for more understanding and empathy toward others!