day 1

After making what some what call a series of risky, brash, and questionable decisions, I’ve decided to start a blog where I will write 30 minute entries in daily.

I’m doing this for a multitude of reasons: To improve my writing and storytelling skills, to explain myself to mainly myself and anyone who cares to follow, and to develop discipline during my free time. Twitter doesn’t feel very personal anymore, a journal just seems kind of odd, and therapy a little out of my budget.

I will try to write as well as I can without taking away from the authenticity of what I’m actually saying. So at times it may seem informal. I will not go back and read any entries until I decide I’m done with this project.

This is not a new year’s resolution as I think those are bullshit. Unless you really ready to change your life at that time and don’t feel forced due to a date on the calendar. Time is imaginary. I always found myself rewriting and editing my goals every few months at random times. Usually around Autumn I start to reflect on the past year and create new goals for myself. Just so happens this year on January 1st, my life has started a new chapter.

I moved. When I think about the big picture, it’s not that big of a deal. Nothing I haven’t done before. The reasons were a little different this time and it was hard for me tell people exactly why.

In short, I moved to Atlanta for a girl. Did the fact that I made it a goal years ago to move out of Boston by the time I was 25 influence my decision, yes. Did the warm weather, new opportunities, and possibility of going back to school also influence my decision, yes. It’s hard to tell people when you have a decent job, positive living environment, DJ gigs, and a good support system that you’re moving, especially for the reason I did. Or maybe that’s what I think they see, not where my hearts actually at.

Perhaps it’s because when most of the people I’ve seen move from Boston do it for go pursue their dreams in NYC or LA. Which is dope and very inspiring. True is, I’m not sure exactly what my dreams are anymore, they’re ever changing and I try not stress over this. I make moves based on what my heart tells me mixed with some logic and planning, and it usually goes my way.

If someone were to tell me a year ago they were moving far away for a girl they’d only been with for a half a year, I’m not sure what my response would’ve been. Probably something along the lines of “Congrats, good luck” but deep down “Damn, he’s crazy, I hope that shit works out.” Now I know why people make that move, there really is no other option when you feel that way. After a few “So yo, who is this girl?” questions awkwardly answered “Man, I know it sounds crazy, but she’s just the one.” After a while I stopped questioning what people were actually thinking when I told them the news and just tried to appreciate their kind words.

My time is up.

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