day 13

I’ll come back.

I never came back to it but I’m here now.

My life lately has been random to say the least. I’ve been tasking away on Taskrabbit. It’s a very humbling experience to clean someone’s bathroom. At times it can even feeling rewarding, helping someone do something they can’t do themselves. I’m trying to focus on the positives because there were definitely times when I wanted to leave or have a breakdown. Taskrabbit boasts about the luxury of not having a 9–5 schedule, working when you want, and being your own boss. They don’t mention the inevitable: scrubbing toilets, tasks taking longer than expected, the clients owning you for the time you’re working. All in all I can’t be mad, it’s a genius service.

I’ve also been doing Lyft (waiting to get approved for Uber), which seems to be more my speed. I have a brand new, fuel efficient car so it makes sense. I get to listen to podcasts while driving people around and truly working on my own schedule. Only problem is the inconsistency of work.

And tutoring students in Atlanta Public Schools. Pretty standard except when I work at the alternative school. Words can’t really describe that place. I’ll write a full post on it soon.

There’s been a few things that’ve inspired me. My best friend growing up was a model at the Yeezy MSG show. We talked for a while and he reminded me of a few things. That life can change any moment (He literally showed up at the rehearsal he heard about through a friend and ended up getting the gig).

I had a former student reach out to me to say thank you. Believe it or not, that’s a rare occurrence. How many teachers/mentors/coaches from you childhood have you went back and thanked? I don’t think I’ve ever done it, I was also kind of hard to reach as a youth so there wasn’t too many people willing to work with me.

As I figure my schedule, I’ll be writing more. Or maybe I won’t. I’ve decided to write when it feels right.