day 5

Good lighting is essential. In all aspects of life. A photoshoot, during sex, going to sleep, waking up..That’s what I’ve decided to blame waking up at 11am on today. It’s embarrassing to even type that. It was too dark in my room, not enough light. Really, it’s my fault. I didn’t do great job of hyping myself up for today’s activities. I had a feeling that even writing this would be a struggle.

I wonder if Jay-Z has days like this, where Bey looks at him like “Get your bum ass up.” Probably not. Sleep is also essential, to me at least. More than 8 hours and I feel cloudy, unmotivated, and Outkast’s “Git Up, Get Out” starts going off in my head like an alarm clock. Less than 7 and I’m wondering why I put myself through this.

As I rolled out of bed and opened up Medium, I saw “How I got 2.3 million app downloads without any marketing”. I shouldn’t have even glanced at it. Normally, I would’ve read it for some inspiration but one of my main goals this year is to create not consume. I’ve read enough inspirational stories, watched people I know succeed, consumed enough content, and thought too many times how I could do it better. This blog is a step towards that, as bad as it may be. I’d like to think of it like a boot camp. Sharing things about myself and writing for a allotted amount of time is difficult.

I do think it’s a rather unique idea though. Not to say thousands of people don’t have personal blogs but the idea of just words, no promotion, no images, no fake perception of a cool lifestyle, no forced brand building is rae. I like that. I hate instagram. Snapchat seems dumb too. Gave up facebook years ago. Twitter is all I have left but like I mentioned before I don’t feel comfortable on there. There’s no one to upset here, no students reading my tweets, no character limit. I could actually probably keep this and get rid of twitter. I guess this is essentially a journal and I’m a twelve year old girl but whatever. I hope my boys don’t read this.