How Kickstarter Changed My Life, Ep. 1

Or how I raised $350,000 and altered my view of the internet.

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I’ve been thinking about teaching crowdfunding through writing for a few years now. But I always get stuck. It’s a subject that seems narrow on the surface but contains a large amount of spiraling uncertainty.

My list of the topics to cover seem so infinite and daunting.

So I decided to just start.

Because Kickstarter changed my life.

The experience of interacting with thousand of backers in the past completely changed my view about the internet, about the role of a creator/designer, and about being alive. It was priceless.

I want to create a space where I can find out all the questions you have about crowdfunding. But more importantly, I want to remove all the constrains and doubts so you can plunge in and experience it yourself. And in turn, I get to write, evaluate my experience, and to create true value for more people.

So, write to me. Let me know.

Do you have a potential project you are planning to kickstart? What’s stopping you?

If not a specific projects yet, what are your biggest questions about crowdfunding?

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