Digital Content and Building Member Growth and Fundraising

You can do it old school and complain about growth, or do what many are not doing in the space and think DIGITAL.

There is no reason to beat around the bush about it right?! Being subtle is not what I am known for. When looking at growth in fundraising or member based efforts, the approach and conversation needs to focus on digital. Spoiler alert: I end with the four things your organization must be doing with their digital presence.

Much repect to traditional proven processes for fundraising and member retention, but the new growth is fueled by digital thinking. I was talking with a member based organization, and was sharing some ideas of how I could provide digital content to help build members and ultimately money coming into the organization. This was obviously based upon a strategic and focused revamp of their current digital presence.

My major point and the key to this was:

People want to know your story and impact before they invest money, time, energy, and attention.

Organizations must think beyond email campaigns. That being said, don’t sleep on the power of a well done email campaign. (Don’t even get me started on sending out the standard one page mailer with an invoice attached for soliciting donations.) Think traditional stewarding and develpment efforts, but on social media and through digital content. There are four things your digital efforts must be doing:

1: Tell your organizations story in an engaging way
2: Hightlight funders and members in a way that brings value
3: Transparent with what members and funders get with partnerships
4: Be specific with how your organization is having an impact

The digital effort is not separate from your member development or fundraising team, but works collaboratively in the funnel of development. That collaboration of data and information is where the magic happens.

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