Everybody wants to be P. Diddy … Kanye … or Beyoncé, without being Josh … Mike … or Ashley first. Don’t wonder why no one takes you serious or values your work after this read.

This is part of my bathtub series. All good thinking happens in the shower, but what if the game was raised with a bath bomb and bubbles.

Find out who you are before trying to be the “edgy” pop culture persona of the moment. The online persona some creatives work hard to put out there doesn’t match up with the quality, depth, or vision of what they are actually doing. The space between the two creates a lot of discredit. The same people often are the one ranting on social media about, “… no one supports their vision and how it must be the same way Kanye feels when he releases something.” Everyone wants to be Kanye, but there was a lot of work in his catalog of hits and near hits that he had to hustle to get where he is.

“Have to give yourself time to let your work marinate in the community or space.”

It’s one thing to be inspired by the work of Kanye or Beyoncé, but don’t get it twisted. Be inspired by their work and journey and not about their persona or approach.

I have ran into more and more people who love Kanye’s persona, but have no idea about some of his earlier work and the arc of creative works from the College Dropout Mixtape to whatever he is streaming on Tidal. They see Kanye’s attitude and think they can approach their creative process and body of work in the same way. You can’t. You have hardly put in the time and work as Kanye. The same for Beyoncé or P. Diddy.

The struggles and failures are the important bits of their story. It is the important part of your creative story. Through the failures and criticism, you figure out what works for you. Maybe the dress, painting, or graphic design is just bad or needs to be developed more. That’s why no one is responding to it the way you feel they should. Try sharing your work in different communities and find out what works for you and who is wanting to consume what you are putting out. Find that audience and knit yourself to that community.

Before you start your next Kanye style rant, take in consideration that your work just might not be connecting to your community or is not good. That’s the struggle where great work comes out.

So try figuring out more about who you are, and work from that place. Someone is going to have to fill the shoes of the greats, you may or may not be it. THAT’s OK.

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