Perseverance and Sacrifice.

I started my Web Developer journey about a year ago and I know so much now then I did back then. I remember looking at job postings before and thinking man I would love to have this job. It would change my life, I would be able to support a lot of people who rely on me. Now I look at the same job postings and I really feel like I can do this.

So I started to study and study and study some more. This was aside from all the studying I was doing for my classes in college. As well as working a full time job. I had almost no social life until summer. Even during the summer I spent 4–5 hour days coding. My girlfriend was very supporting and we helped each other study for our exams. She was trying to become a teacher and me, I was trying to finish school and become a web developer.

Now a year later I am so much closer to this goal and my girlfriend is about to start her first year as a teacher. I’m 6 classes away from getting my degree and everyday I make sure to do a little bit of web development even if its just a half hour. The take away from all this is…WORK towards that goal. You’d be surprised how close you can get to it in a year.