After that mighty fall, underneath she crawled,

No place to go, no feelings that flow.

She lost all, her mother, father and sister like doll,

I see her each day and say a prayer which starts with may.

All I ask for is some reluctance for her, a day’s bread please give her.

Fate has played up brutally; her destiny has ruined her totally.

Her beauty has all gone, her face ugly and torn.

Her heart may ache of the pain she takes.

To beg all day to fill her child’s stomach may,

At that corner she remembers her life former.

One day seeing the crowd down the street I had shaken feet,

An accident maybe that’s what came to my mind.

But my eyes had to see the worst, because she had all the curse.

In her hand, i saw her child, to my mind came a fever mild.

I went closer to look, and saw the dead child. Immovable she stood.

No tear that I could see, maybe her heart was too weak to believe.

Or maybe she was very strong to take the big grief.

After sometime she picked up her kid, the dead body instead.

Last time she kissed him, and asked for the graveyard that leads.

I couldn’t trust my eyes yet, till she dug his grave then.

What do I call it? no answer on the dart.

With so many blows that she beholds,

This mother’s heart has now become barely painful.