A response to Violet

Don’t worry. It is not going to be what you think.

At least I hope not.

First let me say thank you for your apology, but it was not needed. Your comment wasn’t offending nor did it anger me. I actually was very excited about it. For once someone was going to explain there views, if even just a little bit. So thank you, but it wasn’t necessary.

Now I would like to respond to your letter. Not a response in which I will argue your points or question your stance. I am writing this with your piece open, and I actually agree with some of what you wrote.(sorry I have horrible short term memory sometimes). So I will use this response simply to explain why I wrote what I did and why I have my own views.

In a nutshell, I do not believe the american system is tailored to assist any one race more then others. The people within the system, however, may hold racist views. One person within a position of power in a company, can poison the entire thing. We encounter racist people every day. Their are just another obstacle in the way of our success. People have over come it, if they have even experienced it at all. Many people, black ,white, spanish, ect, claim to have never experienced racism while others have had the worst experiences.

But I honestly believe the majority of people in the United States don’t care about race. But there are those, who hold power, that do. Both Black and White. (Yes Blacks can be racist lol)

Yes people of color are plagued by negative stereotype and it does hurt them. But it is not just a black stereotype. If a white person acted ghetto, committed crimes and disrespected the police, They would fit into the same stereotype. The GHETTO stereotype. This is the stereotype damages the race’s face. So many fall into this stereotype and instead of fighting the stereotype, people are protecting it. This mentality is the problem. This mentality leads to the stereotypes. When you have a majority of a group acting in a negative way, I’m sorry, but what would you expect? And they are not forced to act this way. They are not pushed to break the law or disrespect those who enforce it. They choose to. Those people are the problems.

When I made the reference to slavery in my piece, it was because, within the media, that sense of entitlement I mentioned, I’ve seen it a lot. But what may come off as entitlement to me may not come off as entitlement to others. I understand that.

When it comes to my views, honestly, no one has shaped them but me. My Views are a product of seeing the world shape around me and doing my own research into topics I found interesting. I used to be for BLM. Until I realized what they were saying did not add up. How can systematic racism exist in a system with so many people of color an minorities in power? How is there white privilege in a country where Asians are basically doing the best? Simple. These things do not exist, not in the way people make it out to be.

I do not choose to read conservative works because I want to. I choose to read them because they hold information I already know and provide me with examples I can use. I do actually prefer to read things that do not agree with my views. I do however cite them in my work because unfortunately, they are the only places to give these facts. Facts that I used to see, are now buried underneath the lies spun by the media.

“You must always know every side of a story to fully understand it.” I honestly do not remember who told me this, but it is something I always follow before stating any opinion I may have.

In the end, my opinion is shaped by the facts that I seek out. The Purpose of my BLM was to share the facts I found and encourage people to seek out answers for themselves. That is the same reasons I mentioned Taleeb Starkes and his book, which I still highly recommend over internet sources. At least books won’t change over night.

So violet and friends, What I am saying is, I simply choose to believe in certain facts when speaking of these topics. While I understand what you are all fighting for, I do not see it to the extent that you all do most times.

I respect the message that “SJW’S” claim to preach. I respect what they are trying to do. But some of the things they claim just do exist to the extent they believe it does.

It has been a pleasure and I do hope You will read some of my future works, maybe perhaps even a collaboration. I do not want to changes peoples views or brainwash them. I merely think it is important to hear many views on certain topics. If it is something you would be interested in, You’ve been to my twitter. Other then that, I look forward to reading your work more often.

Ok now bring on the comments guys lol :P

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