Anita Saarkesian

Don’t worry this will be a quick one.


I thought my days running across the disease that is Feminist Frequency, were over. I mean that stupid troopes series was done and even though I could be a never ending troll and write response to all the stupidity they spout, I have a life.

So you can imagine how I felt today. I was coming home from work, ready to hit youtube and check out what was going down at vidcon, only to have my father come and tell me some news before it even happens.

Apparently, Anita managed to successfully shut down an entire panel, simply because she was surrounded by people she didn’t like.

Oh no it gets better.

She actually called Sargon out first. Yes he may make videos against you and other feminist but that is because of what you put in your videos. You pick and choose pieces to fit into your puzzle and to help back your argument while completely forgetting the rest of the work.

I have responded to several of your videos, I have disagreed heavily with several of your videos.

There are always going to be people who disagree and fight against you, in this line of work especially. You either learn to ignore them or you debate them.

You obviously prefer retreating in to your safe space.

Update : Sargon’s side