Bend The Knee

No this is not a game of thrones piece.

Now we all no about the protest that is currently sweeping across the nation. Athletes and celebrities everywhere have been taking a knee to show support to the athletes who have taken knees during the National anthem. They have been doing this to protest police brutality against blacks.

Now there is a lot I have to say about this. Let me start with the basics.

I do not agree with the protest (far more blacks are being killed by blacks yet there are no protest for that) but, the people have the right to protest.

But there is a time and place to protest and during work is not one of them in my opinion especially if your job is basically to distract us for the “real” world. We turn on the TV to watch things like new shows and sports so that our minds are taken off of things like politics, social issues and the such.

The people who are protesting should respect the symbol of the country that allows them to protest. Many people believe in the symbolism of The American Flag. People have died for it and what it stands for. We need to respect those people and we need to respect our country.

That is why I also agree with Trump. Players and athletes and such should not being protesting during things like games and concerts. NOT EVERY SHOULD BE POLITICAL. Again we go to these things to escape.

Now I would also like to comment on a few others stories that this one has sparked.

He should not have to apologize for anything. His entire team sat in the locker room to avoid this controversy. He, as a vet, wanted to pay his respect to The Flag he fought under and the country he fought for. There is NOTHING wrong with that. As a matter of fact, one of his team mates regrets not joining him.

You are all mad at Trump for saying these athletes shouldn’t have an opinion and stand up for what they believe, but the minute one stands for the “opposite” belief, he gets attacked.

Everyone is taking a Fucking knee now.

None of this would be going on if Trump hadn’t made his comments In Alabama, But he had every right to make the comments. But now it seems like everyone is hoping on this wagon.

Where were all these people when Kapernick first to a knee?

Looks to me like some people might just be seeking some attention…

Also I would like to say, Trump’s comments in no way had to do with race. Trumps comments did have to do with the fact that there is a time a place for everything and that was not the time nor place.

Politics is ruining a lot in this world. Social justice is everywhere.

If we let it invade our entertainment, our sources of escape, what the hell will the world be like then?