To be honest, I do not even know where to begin.

What exactly is different? Not normal? But then what is normal? What exactly would be a normal human being?

…Don’t have an answer do you? Well that’s because There is no “Normal human”.

Normal is you, and me, and him and her. We all are our own people with our own thoughts an beliefs. Religion is no different.

While your normal is praying at church, mine is chanting in a circle. You believe in one God, I believe in many. You believe in a Devil, I believe evil exist within everything even the Gods. You believe magic is evil and demonic, I believe it is nothing more then using the energy around you to help things in your favor.

When I first heard about this assembly. Ha I was scare shitless. I knew It was an opportunity to stand up here and talk to you guys and maybe you would actually listen.

It’s me, Mia. You know me. I’ve lived here my whole life. 17 years. I went to grade school with Marvin and Lacy. I’m captain of the volleyball team, actress in the school play. I was Sam’s girlfriend. And everyone knows Sam.

I still like turkey and cheese sandwiches. I still need help in math. I still love going to the bonfires and seeing everyone together, hanging out by the water. Nothing about me has changed.

I did however make a new friend. A best friend. Stephen moved here with his family. And, even though I never admitted it, at first I thought they were weird too. Satia and he stayed to themselves a lot. They looked weird and dressed weird.They had a weird sense of things, judging by the way they spoke in class. But despite that obvious difference in them, I was curious.

So I asked him for help in math. I wasn’t proud, you know, asking the new kid for help, but he was at the top of the class already.

So the studying began. First at school only, then more public places. As we began to spend more time together I began to realize, he was just like me. What I afraid was different was nothing more then a normal boy my age, struggling with the same things I did.

I wasn’t afraid when I first learned about his and Satia’s religion. Wiccans didn’t scare me. At the time I didn’t know why but now I think I do.

At first I hid this from Sam this but now I see it was a mistake. It was a mistake to hide it from all of you. I am not saying I should have came out right with it, but I should not have struggled with keeping it a secret. I should not have made it a big deal. By doing that, I did nothing but feed into your negative stereotypes.

I shouldn’t have fought back. I shouldn’t have acted different. Because I’m not different. I’m still Mia. I just do not believe in what you guys do nor I think magic is evil. And while I could sit here and debate your beliefs and explain mine, I respect what you believe. You are no different than me…..”

— — Taken from a work in progress. The story basically tells what happens when a girls peers find out she and their other class mates are wiccans. Believing in many stereotypes, their peers begin to bully and threaten them until they are completely out-casted.