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Anita… why??

So, Everyone who has read my work, knows I am a youtube fan. I follow many creators, who I may or may not agree with ,and have I mentioned several here.

Naturally, I would be paying attention to VidCon. Imagine my shock when hearing Anita saarkesian basically went feminazi while speaking on her “harassment” panel. Now I already wrote a short rant with my first reaction.

So this piece here, will instead be about the post on the feminist frequency website here :

Let’s get to, shall we?

The first line is a lie.

To kick off the Women Online panel at VidCon last Thursday, the moderator posed the question: Why do we still have to talk about the harassment of women? I replied, “Because I think one of my biggest harassers is sitting in the front row.”

While she did begin with referring to his “harassment”, which in the eyes of many others is just criticism, (harsh, maybe, but maybe if Anita put more effort and research in to controversial her pieces( women in video games )…..

Anyway, while she did begin with simple pointing him out she proceeded to call him a piece of shit and a garbage human being.

BTW he was not the only person there who has made videos about Anita’s series. I honestly have never even watched one of Sargon’s Anita critiques.

He showed up with several others; together, his group took up the two front rows at the panel. Their presence was plainly not, as one of them later said in an “apology” video he posted to Twitter, to “give us the chance we never gave them” and to “hear us out,” but was instead to intimidate me and put me on edge.

Later on at Vidcon, Warski, who was sitting with Sargon during Anita’s panel, was able to successfully have a talk with Francheska Ramsey, a creator who Warski has very harshly criticized in several of his own videos. He too sat in her panel with a group of friends and followers and listened to what Francheska had to say. How did that end?

Not to bad I might say. Francheska even unblocked us little guys ;)

Anita’s post goes on to tell how the “harassment” from Sargon and others, she has been unable to participate is things like public speaking.

Being a target of cybermob harassment is a traumatizing experience…

Yes it can be, But I am sorry to say, it comes with the job. When you post as a public figure, such as Anita does, You are bound to gather up a community of haters, regardless of the quality of your work. Based on your work and what you say, you will also gain a steady group of criticizers, the people who disagree with you (harshly or not) but are at least willing to use facts to debate their point. This comes with any kind of “Creator” type “job” such as blogging, POD cast, Music, Art (I use quotes for the people who simply do these things in their free time).

Anita, based on her work, has gained quote a decent amount of criticizers, mostly because her Women in video games series. This is because she half asses it, picking only the pieces of the game that suit her agenda. It was said she also stole game footage from actual Gamers (some clips even I recognized) and never actual played the games herself.

Scratch that, she never played video games… Maybe that is why you are so harshly criticized? Because you are stepping into a place you have never been before, pointing out everything you see wrong and demanding change?

Hmmmm…. I don’t know, could be.

Ok, Let me say this, before ending this response to that …. stupid … post.

As a women, I do not agree with what Anita claims. Let me explain a little. First off, most of the harassment I have faced has been from other women. Mostly men, however, have critiqued my work commenting with a tone of respect. So there’s that. Secondly, Men also face harassment online. I know several who have personally experienced online harassment and cyber bullying. Thirdly, not all women face the kind of harassment you do, not all women face the same type of harassment, not all women face harassment. Like that guy had said in the “Q&A”, women can handle being called a bitch.

Now in the gaming community, do women face harassment? Sure the ones that you can actually tell our women and even that isn’t a sure fire thing. I know a guy with a female avatar, who gets harassed more then I do.

Here is my point: Women are stronger than what you seem to be claiming and we are not the only ones who go through it. You, Anita, need to learn the difference between harassment and criticism.

Your a content creator. You’re content is going to get criticized.

Fucking deal with it.

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