How Do You Write the perfect college essay?

Remember the days you slaved over your college essay’s? Having to write them over and over again? Having to revise and edit. How much passion is to much? Do I sound to over the top? Does this really sound like me?

Well those days are apparently gone as the next generation of college students roles on in.

Here is what I am referring to:

Ziad, When asked “what matters to you and why ?”on his Stanford college application, he simply wrote #BlacklivesMatter 100 times. And he got accepted.

He did not offer an explanation, like the question required, nor did he give any detail what so ever. And it has apparently met the requirements to attend Stanford.

Now let me explain why this bothers me. For a lot of people the college essay is the turning point for them. It is a chance for them to be set apart from others.


Ahmed, who has given a TEDx talk about the impact of prejudice, already had a long history of activism before this most recent stunt. He interned for Martin O’Malley, volunteered for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and has been invited to the Obama White House.
And let’s just say getting into elite schools (he was also admitted to Yale and Princeton) was always the plan. His father, a hedge-fund manager, went to Yale. His mother is an electrical engineer-turned-stay-at-home mom.

Here we have a clear picture of how privilege Ziad is. He had the means to expand his education. He had the means and money to participate in extra activities and the money for personal training and learning.

Now here is another child. A Senior who has come out at the top of his class, amazing test scores, plays three sports and violin.

Take Martin Altenburg. A senior from Fargo, ND, who was accepted at all eight Ivy League schools, Altenburg had superior test scores (a 35 out of 36 on the ACT, a score of 5 on each of the AP exams he took), in addition to being a violinist and a three-sport athlete- NY Post

Do you know what his plans for college were?

Originally my parents didn’t want me to apply to these schools because they thought we’d have to pay full price which, at a lot of these schools, is more than our yearly income,” he told his local paper.

People who work their butts off to achieve success in life are being over looked by these so called “activist”.

I for one could not apply to a lot of colleges because of lack of financials at the time. Same thing for many of m friends. We spent long nights and countless hours making sure our essays were perfect for the schools we were applying to. We were in and out of offices asking teachers for critiques. A few of my friends even pulled all nighters.

But now all it takes is one pharse… 100 times…