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I never said gays should hide there PDA but if the family would’ve asked it of a straight couple it wouldn’t have been to much of a problem.

People are entitled to their own beliefs. If the family in my example had the couple to stop BECAUSE they were gay that would have been wrong. But in the example they simply wish to keep PDA from the eyes of their children.

But that isn’t what people want to hear. They want the family to be homophobic. That is the problem. People twist other to a point where they are seen as the bad guys simply for believing.

Yes conservatives can be hardcore devoted to the bone. But I have seen more people with conservative views put aside what they believe to work with those they condemn. I’ve seen more people with conservative views working to change things for the better. I’ve seen conservatives with liberal views. Why do they have these views? Because they are open minded enough to accept things.

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