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Ré Harris

I used to be for BLM and while their original message is something I would support, they are far from their original message.

I’m an American of Spanish decent. I live in a neighborhood plagued by crime and drugs. It’s these people, The people who do not respect the law and follow the rules, that need to be removed. Jail, rehab. Whatever. These are the people that are against us. It is their mentality that poisons the community and feeds the negative stereotypes.

I do not submit my work to the Indivisible Movement to scare their followers. I enjoy many of their articles as well. I submit my work to them because I believe it is important to hear voices from every side and obviously someone there feels the same way.

Now seeing as how My piece has been removed, I would like invite people to net time come straight to me via twitter The Siren Speaks.

I would also like to say I am very disappointed. Next time go to the writer instead of whining to the publication.This publication seemed like a Liberal voice yes, but they were at least willing to open their minds to an outside opinion. Unlike the author of this piece. If any one believes anything I wrote is a lie please show me the correct facts. If you think I am wrong, prove it. I unlike you are very open minded and always willing to have a civil debate.

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