What is so hard to understand about this word

The people that Trump wants to remove came here illegally. Thy are living here illegally.

Let me break this down:

These people do not have a social security number or any identifying info that would allow them to legally work. They therefore have to find work under the books. Most of these jobs, since they hire Illegals, pay under the required minimum wage. These are jobs that citizens can have but people would rather pay illegals who will worry willing for much less than minimum wage.

They do not pay taxes .

But they can collect Public assistance. They can receive benefits.

Benefits are available because of the taxes that WORKING citizens pay.

And then because they work under books for less than minimum wage, they can still collect benefits, even while working. They can claim they are not working and receive even more because there is no proof of employment.

There is a legal way to come to this country as with any country. People wait years for green cards and visas. They follow the guidelines and produce what is necessary for them to go through the process. They spend years preparing and waiting. Why do they have to? Why are they not allowed to just fly in the country like the illegals who walk and swim over the border?

The laws are put in place for a reason. e have to respect them and discipline those who break them.

Perhaps instead of finding a lawyer to fight for your case, your time would be better spent taking steps towards gaining citizenship.