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I’m from a poor crime infested neighborhood. I have to show them I do not have the Ghetto mentality that so many others have. I show them I am able to articulate and explain myself just as well as anyone else. I don’t use words like woke and bae.

I had to show my high school peers I wasn’t some curse casting witch who uses magic for whatever. I showed them I was them same as I was before they knew my religion. I offered the same help, the same treatment and sometimes even went the extra mile when one of them was out on their luck.

No one cared I was Spanish, no one cared I was Asian. No one cared about the religious aspect of my religion, they just knew witches were bad.

Imagine if I let those things get to me. If I ha let any of those things bother, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Honestly. I would probably be where so many others are in my neighborhood right now and that is not somewhere anyone should want to be.

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