Know the story

Background stories are very important

I have mentioned the importance of background stories before.

Now here we go again.

So I went onto twitter and saw this. It is basically a thread saying these lovel woman:

would make wonderful Sanderson sisters. Now while I love these wonderful actresses in many of the roles they play, I do not believe they would fit the parts as we know them. Because face it, if you change this story like the thread suggested( based in New Orleans,Voodoo instead of basic witchcraft ), well you might as well just make a new movie. That is because certain things in Hocus Pocus are as such because of the story and actual history.

First off, The movie is set in Salem, Massachusetts in the year 1693. This was during the Salem Witch trials. Villages were already accusing and punishing those they saw as evil, and the Sanderson sisters were no exception to this.

In this time many of the accused by a jealous neighbor who sought their land, by a woman who wanted the accused husband, by someone who felt wronged by them; things along those lines. So many of the accused were innocent, if not all. In 1967, Mass. general court declared a day of fasting for the tragedy that as the Salem witch trials.

So you see, the setting has some historical significance.

Also, Louisiana was not found till the early 1700’s as a french colony, well after the trials. Voodoo also did not receive the kind of condemnation that witchcraft originally did.

Voodoo queens were known to exercise great power in their communities, and had the role of leading many of the ceremonial meetings and ritual dances. These drew crowds of hundreds and thousands of people.

Many of the practitioners also were able to make a living off of certain magical items that they sold, or spells that they did for others.

This is very different from what happened in Salem and in the original Hocus Pocus movie.

I am not saying a movie with these three ladies as witches, with a story like Hocus Pocus, wouldn’t be cool. I am just saying it wouldn’t and couldn’t be Hocus Pocus.