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The power of a Trump hat

Living in New York, You do not see a lot of people openly supportive of Donald Trump. And those who do openly Support him seem to be like the devil himself, at least that is how its seems with the way some people act.

The above picture is me sporting my Trump hat before a day of errands. Now I have been wearing more often just as a sort of social experiment and this is what I have experienced.

I have been ignored.

Trying to ask people questions when I am lost or in store, should not be done in any Trump merchandise. They won’t deny you service but they will definitely not be much help. And those who did assist me did so, were not happy about it. They openly show there disgust.

I have been avoided.

Sitting on the train. A man sits next to me sees my hat and immediately moves to the closest open seat. This happens three more times before I get off.

I was also ignored at my audition while in line. The people in front of me had started a conversation but as soon as they saw my hat, cut it short.

Then of course there are the stares and the pictures. I had a woman get up from the seat I was standing next to, only to move across the way to stare at me. I have people talking about me in Spanish, thinking that I wouldn't understand them.

Even friends have judged and condemned me.

The first time I told any of my friends that I was a Trump supporter was on facebook after the election. I had made the post in response to all the negative post and comments that I had kept on seeing. It was for this reason I had never told anyone my political preference. I didn’t want the arguments, I didn't want to loose friends. But then after 48 hours of seeing nothing but “Fuck Trump supporters” and “If you voted for him delete me”, I decided to make my post. I told my friends I was tired of all the negative comments, after all the man hadn’t even done anything yet. I told them I had voted for Trump. “If you delete me, just let me know first.”

Now I did loose a handful of good friendships. Out of all of those, one person had told me goodbye. But a lot of my friends stated how stupid this would be. They told me that a difference in political opinion doesn’t matter. Not everyone can share the same opinion and we shouldn’t judge just based on that.

A hat shouldn’t cause people to do such things. A Hat shouldn’t cause tension.

Liberals all go around preaching acceptance and love but when Trumps supporters make themselves known, they receive nothing but hate. People have been attacked for simply wearing a shirt or a hat or holding a sign. Practice what you preach. Listen to the other side. Respect their views and share with them yours. The only way to get rid of hate is not to hate.