Your original comment was and still is wrong.
Bryant Cavers

My original comment… you have not addressed.

I don’t believe in systematic racism. Why? Because if it actually did exist, there would be no successful minorities in society today.

Yes some schools punish students for things like fighting. When it gets extreme, they call the cops and have to report an assault. I remember a kid in my school had got into a fight and was stabbed in the eye with safety scissors. Another had been stabbed b a pencil. One student even tried to set the classroom on fire. Assualt, arson, these are things that have to be punished to the fullest so that the student knows he broke the rules. In real life, he would have broke the law.

As for the dress code thing, I damn straight don’t believe that. Personal experience.

Also, Mike Bown was not shot for stealig from the store he was shot for attacking an officer. Guess what? That’s assault and when fearing for their lives people are going to react. It was a sad result, but browns fault none the less.

Also you are right, apologizing for giving the wrong info does not make it better, but if you read other pieces I have done, I have explained my thoughts more clearly. Again I also state that the 13%, 52% was NOT TAKEN FROM THE FBI TABLE.

and yes we pay the families, something I do not agree with, but I can’t say anything about that at the moment, lest I state the wrong facts.

My point:

Crime in general is a problem. Unfortunately in many POC neighborhoods, it is a problem. This is because of the mentality that so many people are holding.

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