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No see. People didn’t care about the religion. There cared about what their religion said about it and what the movies had them believe. And even so, my coming out was not my choice. I knew how people would react. But see aat the end of high school, those same people who dropped me, apologized to me. Because despite how they treated me, I never treated them any different. I never forced my views on them. I never antagonized them or used violence. I voiced my views yes, but I was never forceful about them.

and yes I had every right to say something have have something done about it but I don’t believe that is very American. Yeah, Freedom of religion. But they weren’t stopping me from practicing my religion. They were bullying me for being different. Like one of them had told me, They just honestly wanted to “hurt my feelings, But it never seemed to work.”. Because what did I care what they think?

So no, I wouldn’t have said anything. Because forcing acceptance isn’t acceptance.

Like an example I used with gay marriage: You can’t force a priest who doesn’t believe in it to perform one.

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