here we go

Here is the NRA’s ad:

It begins with the truth. The left uses every outlet available to condemn the right, attacking anyone whose opinion differs from their own. They are spreading narrative over and over all, corrupting their opinions with things they claim to be facts. They march and protest, The police and government struggle to keep control. But doing their jobs just fuels the fire and things just get worse. The left gets more violent.

And the only way we can fight is with the truth.

This is what I understood from this video. That in times like this, the truth is the best weapon you have against all the lies and the truth will be known.

But see, a lot of people didn’t get this. They saw this video as a call for violence, a call to arms.

BLM for example:

They use their guns to assassinate blacks? Black on black murders are about 11 times higher then white on black murder for 2016 alone.

White supremacist domestic terrorists are inciting violence?

Hmm. Doesn’t look like BLM is any better than what you claim the right to be.

The BLM video continues on mentioning names but of course not mentioning stories. Without knowing full stories. They obviously, like so many, believed the NRA video was a call for violence.

Honestly, most of the violence I have seen had been that of the left. Most of those inciting violence? Those on the left, including BLM.

And then, they demand the removal of the original NRA and the response. Violation of free speech? I’m pretty sure.

My point is, the left is constantly trying to twist and shape things to fit their narrative. They want what they want and nothing will stop them.

But the truth.