Prove yourself

It’s not a racial stereotype we are fighting

Results I found when searching Ghetto in google (above and below)

I can not say this enough. Systematic Racism, the way it has been relayed to me on many occasions, does not exist. Your life is not hard because you aren’t white. It is not a racial stereotype we are fighting. I don’t know what to call it, but it is the stereotype surrounding the ghetto communities and people. Let me try to explain. Please bare with me.

Looking, to the pictures on the left, you will see two of the many results I found when simply typing ghetto into the google search bar. When people think or say ghetto this is what they see, Delinquents, drug dealers, people who aren’t even putting the slightest effort into bettering their lives. People who rely on what ever help or easy cash scheme they can come across. People who gave up.

Ghetto no longer umbrellas over the poor and the struggling. It is the umbrella for the people who would rather sit at home making easy selling drugs. For the people who throw there attitude out if something doesn’t go their way or if the became “triggered”. It is for the people who wear their pants below their asses not realizing it was a prison style meaning “available”.

And you see these people are not the victim. They use and abuse their chances and opportunities, claiming entitlement of some sort.

Unfortunately, many of these people fall under certain racial classifications. And when people have previous dealt with lets say ghetto Hispanics or ghetto blacks, they tend to get the preconceived misconception of people in the general race. And this is not solely based on race but also on how you conduct and present yourself to the people around you.

Honestly, If all you do is apply yourself and conduct yourself in a manner that does not show you are a stereotypical (Insert race here)You will get as far as you are willing to work for in life.