Now, it is true that some minorities are moving up the ladder every day. It is true that more minorities are going to college than ever before. But it is also true that minorities are still behind white men and women in basically every category you can think of. The fact that things are better now than before does not imply everyone can go home, it does not imply that everything is as good as it can get, and it certainly does not imply that everyone has real equal opportunities now.
When you said “Yes it is a result of past activism.
Benji Lampel

There are white people who go through Similar things every day. People who have no home to go to, People that are denied school or other basic needs simply because help is not offered to them. some of the country’s poorest counties are majority white and are struggling in the same way minorities communities are. Are we claiming that the racist system is keeping them down as well?

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