They protect

and you don’t serve?

So cops and donuts go together, right?

Well not any more it seems.

On Sunday, at the 1993 Atlantic ave Dunkin’ Donuts/ Baskin robins location, two officers (Detectives I believe) went in to purchase some ice cream. After waiting in line behind a customer, the officers approached the counter to order….

Only to be ignored by the clerk for the next customer. The next customer even informed the worker, the officers were there ahead of him. Do you know how the clerk responded?

“Yeah, I know. I don’t serve cops.”

This is not the first incident of it’s kind. Another community service officer was also denied service at the 24 hour walk up window of another donut shop.

As a result of this treatment, Micheal Palladino, The head of the detectives union, has sent emails to his union’s 5,200 members urging to boycott the chain.

The brands spokes woman, Melissa King, has not issued a formal apology from the franchise instead stating “the Franchisee who owns and operates this restaurant….contacted one of the officers involved to personally apologize for any negative experience h may have had in his store.”

The brand itself will not comment on the incident merely stating “We do not have any specifics.”

Ok. Now here is what I have to say about this.

If this particular D&D, gods forbid, gets robbed while this clerk is on duty, is he not going to call the cops? It seems we forget that these are the people we call in emergencies. These are the people that come to our rescue in times of need. These are the people that protect us.

We need to stop vilifying the police. We speak bad about them.Write bad about them. We are putting all of them in this general category where they have become the monsters. But the truth is, They protect us from the monsters and the criminals.

Are all cops good? No.

Are all cops bad?No.

We need to stop holding the good ones accountable for the bad ones because it’s the good ones that end up being the targets. Targets of rage, violence, discrimination.

Officers are people to. They are people who have chosen a career in which they protect people. The put their lives are constantly on the line every day for the innocents that walk these streets.

It’s time we start showing them some respect again.

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