What to wear, What to wear

How about not the one size to small see through top?

In today’s society, a lot of women feel they received unwanted attention simply because of what they are wearing or how they look.

Well, ladies we have to admit, this is true.

First let us look at basic science. Males cannot resist the urge to procreate. They want to continue their bloodline and keep it going for as long as possible. That is nature.

And looking at nature, humans, just like any other animal, will express their interest in what they like.

Sometimes this takes the form of catcalls, simply just to gain the attention of the female and compliment her. Are all of these “compliments”nice? Hell, no. But women are no better ;)

In the video above, the woman was actually getting more simple compliments on her beauty. What she heard wasn’t really negative, as it was annoying. But she was wearing a simple outfit.

The point is if you do not want this type of attention, the negative catcalls, perhaps it is a good idea not to dress in away that accentuates certain “Sexual” features. That mean’s cover up your girls, Don’t put on something super form fitting, and let’s not forget to make sure you can’t see through it or up it.


Well, I look. I look at everything that attracts me. Every man.Every women. (The perks of being bi ;) but you don’t see feminist complaining about us staring). You can see when people dress for attention.

If you do not want to be notice by your boobs or ass, then do not parade around in skimpy clothes. Be modest. And if you still get “catcalled”, take pride in your natural beauty.

Personal example time. (Please forgive me for the pictures. The original are on my own laptop and I had to take these from an old piece I did somewhere else)

Here is a picture of me right after high school:

Now this was pretty much a usual for me, the short shorts or skirt, the tightest top. Special occasions, required a skimpy dress and impossible heels.

Even the beach was used an excuse for traveling on the train wearing only a bikini top.

OK so I don’t look like this:

I picked this picture because I find her attractive

The point was I wanted to been noticed. I didn’t have what other women have so I showed off what I did have and that was my body. I was able to achieve the same results, often even better, when I wore more moderate things.

Women wear what they want to be noticed, face it. But they become upset when they are noticed by the wrong people or by any one other then their target audience.

It is very easy to ignore the negative “catcalls” women have done so for years.

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