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You just told me that as an american I have the right to freedom of religion. We also have freedom of speech, freedom to peacefully assemble… you get the point.

Do you not believe that people have the right to their own beliefs and views?

Some religions do not believe in gay relationships. Do those people not have the right to say something if a gay couple wants to marry in their church? Or what the want to complain about gay PDA? Because it’s a religious belief should it not be covered by the first amendment?

Now let’s say a religious person does complain about a gay couple’s PDA. IN this day and age do you think it would get the same attention as a gay man complaining about a straight couple?

All I see today are Double standards and hypocrites.

You what to know what I think is American? Respect for one’s beliefs and opinions. Both sides are guilty. And both sides need to stop.

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