Like a boy scout, you are inventive with your hands. That perfect specialty of yours playing with ropes and tying knots.

Lost in the tightness of our grips. Your hand on my inner thighs caressing my lips. Wrap my hair around your other wrist, pull on it hard as I bite into your skin. I rake my nails down your back, making sure I leave my fucking mark. Giving you a taste of my savage, while you pillage, plunder and ravage my body. Tight, wet and dripping in feverish anticipation, for my soft and your hard to unite in the sweetest perversion.

You have a way of understand me. Your dark eyes raking up and down my body. Seductively caressing every inch of me. Making me feel exposed, vulnerable and naked. Sending shivers down my spine. Exiting me. Touching me in places no one could. Turning me on. Taking control of my body. Ravishing me, leaving me breathless. Your eyes do more just looking at me, they look in to me. Oh, the way you seduce me!

Breathing my desire into your lungs, intoxicating you with the essence of my lust. You will be tortured with the scent of my skin. Inhale me and take me in deep. I will be your greatest addiction. Kiss me, lick me, bite me with no restrictions. I want your dark and your sadistic, your sick and your twisted. I’ll give you my dirty and nasty. Behind these closed doors, fuck being classy. I will make it so you’ll never want to leave. You will be the prisoner in my bedroom and I’ll throw away the key.

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