Atomex has launched atomic swap exchange on mobile platforms iOS and Android through its own cryptocurrency wallet, which can now be downloaded for free through the AppStore and Google Play. Decentralized cross-chain exchange is available through your own non-custodial mobile wallet, which also allows you to receive, send and store cryptocurrencies, as well as easily participate in Tezos (XTZ) staking via delegation mechanism.

Atomic swap

Atomic swap is a protocol for trustless cross-chain exchange of assets using Hash Time Locked contracts (HTLC). Atomex combines an improved version of the Atomic Swap protocol with a centralized order matching engine to ensure the liquidity…

In the previous article we discovered how the select parameter can significantly reduce the amount of transmitted data and response time.

In this article we will explain how you can significantly speed up the performance, and moreover simplify the logic of your application, by using data filtering in the request query to Tezos Explorer TzKT API. It doesn’t matter what kind of application you are developing. It can be a simple baker’s dashboard, a wallet or even an exchange. If you use request-level filtering, you rely on TzKT API logic, which greatly reduces the risk of errors.

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In this article an approach to the token balance accounting is presented. This is a development of the ideas presented earlier taking into account the upcoming contract metadata standard TZIP-16.

In a few words, there is a problem when indexing operations that alter token balances: if the invoked method is not standardized (currently we have only FA1.2/FA2 transfer), or if there is an initial token distribution at the origination - it's not possible for the indexer to determine which particular balances have changed and how.

Get the list of changed token balances from the operation content and result.

Watch video of the topic:

In Tezos chats and communities, the one question arises very often: why didn’t I get my staking rewards?

Most often, this problem appears because of the lack of experience, so in this article, we will analyze all common cases and hope that after reading this article, you will not make the same mistakes and will receive Tezos staking rewards without any problems.

Public and custody Tezos bakers

The most common reason for missing rewards is choosing a custody baker. To get rewards for your Tezos coins, you must delegate them to a non-custodial Baker.


Exchanges are not public…

When we trade on centralized exchanges, we’ve got used to the fact that it doesn’t matter which trading pairs we trade — the trading fees are set by the exchange. As a centralized place of execution, the exchange does not make real on-chain operations with digital assets during client deals.

Commissions on decentralized exchanges

Decentralized exchanges are quite different in nature. All operations go through interaction with a blockchain, with real transactions. Transactions are necessary for interaction with smart contracts in Ethereum, Tezos or scripts in the case of Bitcoin and Litecoin. Therefore, there are two types of commissions in a decentralized exchange:

  • Commission…

In the previous article we analyzed how the frequency of requests to Tezos Explorer API can be optimized depending on the time between blocks and cycles and demonstrated the most effective approach using this knowledge.

In this article we continue to show you how to get the most out of using TzKT, Tezos Explorer API. Almost every day new bakers, wallets, DApps, exchangers and even various explorers appear in Tezos ecosystem. In this series of articles we will try to help developers to use Tezos Explorer API in more effective way, which we believe will lead to better user experience.

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Yesterday we released a new version of BCD explorer that is mostly focused on Tezos contract interaction.


You can now perform contract calls of arbitrary complexity (nested types, lambdas, etc) and execute them via Thanos wallet or other Beacon-supporting extension, or do a simulation, or just copy raw parameters.

In addition to that, BCD now allows to clone any contract using a convenient storage editor and deploy it via Beacon as well.

Beacon and Thanos integration

Thanks to the Beacon SDK, Thanos wallet, and Taquito library, Better Call Dev has become a universal client for any contract. …

Until today you were able to download Tezos accounting reports from TzKT explorer in XTZ coins only. But now you can also get reports in USD, EUR and BTC, with price settlement at the time of operation.

TzKT Tezos Indexer v1.1 has been released. Now it supports indexing of market data aligned by block timestamps. You can switch between various quote providers (TzktQuotes and Coingecko are supported at the moment) or easily create custom ones.

Tezos API built-in market data

The coolest feature is injecting historical prices right into TzKT API responses, so you can, for example, request Tezos transactions in USD, EUR or BTC…

When it comes to arguing Tezos decentralization they usually put roll distribution on the first place saying: “look, top 5 entities own more than half of the stake”. More advanced also highlight attacks on the voting mechanism: how many entities can block or force a proposal (which is actually a changing value).

However it’s not that straightforward, because once you are in a Proof-of-Stake network it’s not just rewards but also Value at Risk. …

Tezos ecosystem is growing very rapidly. Tezos Foundation continues to award grants to developers and recently announced the Fourth Cohort of Tezos Ecosystem Grants. Congratulations to all grant recipients! As the number of developers grows, so do the needs. One of them is related to obtaining data from the blockchain through an API. Whether you are a developer of Tezos wallet, explorer, exchange, baker, public delegation service or any DApp you need access to the blockchain data.

Ever since the first version of Tezos API TzKT was released, we have been constantly analyzing the API usage and various behavior patterns…

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