How to migrate from Mystique API to TzKT API

Last year we released Mystique API that mimics the TzScan API, which suddenly died, so we really needed a workaround while our TzKT API was under development. Now that it’s done, we’ll describe how to painlessly migrate from to, a more stable and much faster Tezos API.

In this guide, we will describe all Mystique API endpoints, used for the last month. If you need some endpoints, missed in this guide, just contact us and we’ll add them to the migration guide.

Keep in mind, its just another TzScan mimic guide which helps you migrate from Mystique API. TzKT API, for sure, will work better, than Mystique API (a workaround, as described before), but it’s not necessary to use it exactly this way. TzKT API itself provides much more detailed and accurate data so you can create more complex apps and services. Don’t limit yourself to the outdated TzScan format.


/v3/rewards_split/{address}?cycle={cycle} -> /v1/rewards/split/{address}/{cycle}


/v3/rewards_split_cycles/{address} -> /v1/rewards/bakers/{address}


/v3/snapshot_levels -> /v1/cycles?select=snapshotLevel


/v3/delegator_rewards_with_details/{address} -> /v1/rewards/delegators/{address}


/v3/number_operations/{address} -> /v1/accounts/{address}


/v3/operations/{address} -> /v1/accounts/{address}/operations


/v3/staking_balance/{address} -> /v1/accounts/{address}


/v3/balance_from_balance_updates/{address} -> /v1/accounts/{address}


/v3/network ->

You can also use the following endpoints in case you have connectivity issues with test networks:

Contact us

Feel free to ask any questions. Baking Bad team is always happy to help!

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