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In the previous article we discovered how the select parameter can significantly reduce the amount of transmitted data and response time.

In this article we will explain how you can significantly speed up the performance, and moreover simplify the logic of your application, by using data filtering in the request query to Tezos Explorer TzKT API. It doesn’t matter what kind of application you are developing. It can be a simple baker’s dashboard, a wallet or even an exchange. If you use request-level filtering, you rely on TzKT API logic, which greatly reduces the risk of errors.

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In this article an approach to the token balance accounting is presented. This is a development of the ideas presented earlier taking into account the upcoming contract metadata standard TZIP-16.

In a few words, there is a problem when indexing operations that alter token balances: if the invoked method is not standardized (currently we have only FA1.2/FA2 transfer), or if there is an initial token distribution at the origination - it's not possible for the indexer to determine which particular balances have changed and how.

Get the list of changed token balances from the operation content and result.

The current approach is using custom handlers for known contracts. …

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In Tezos chats and communities, the one question arises very often: why didn’t I get my staking rewards?

Most often, this problem appears because of the lack of experience, so in this article, we will analyze all common cases and hope that after reading this article, you will not make the same mistakes and will receive Tezos staking rewards without any problems.

Public and custody Tezos bakers

The most common reason for missing rewards is choosing a custody baker. To get rewards for your Tezos coins, you must delegate them to a non-custodial Baker.


Exchanges are not public bakers!


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